The end of the winter

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At the days when coldness like stabbing our skin has gone, many people come out of houses in holiday.Voices have come back to a park where nobody was at winter.Miscellaneous stuffs were flying in the air like blessing the arrival of the spring.
A shuttle flew higher above her head fell down her backward.Making her one leg the axis of rotation, she revolved smoothly her body.It was like a caprice whirlwind.A stream of the wind showed as the waves of her skirt.It was a beautiful view that hairs streamed in the air by being pulled.
After having finished the winter, your clothes get light so moves also get agile.She must have hidden herself from cold winds wearing a thick coat in winter.
It is similar to an awake from a hibernation.Wild animals get out of its nests and run on the ground, plants germ new buds and spread its leaves.Putting off winter jacket, we also expose ourselves to the sun too.
She cut the air with a racket according to her arm move.Its moving looked quick.
Her figure that moves quickly in front of cherry blossoms spread on branches appeared a graceful dance.It might be for the scene which has regained colors at spring.
It could be a ritual to bless coming of the warm season.Look around you after winter has left, because this scene exists at all of where spring has come.
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