A lady in a party dress

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Many things comes together around a big station.
Department stores, hotels, higher buildings, rail ways, buss, cars , and people.Reasons why they are at there is miscellaneous.Job, trip, and shopping.They come to a station for each purposes and make a oceans of peoples.When the time comes, they will leave off there again.
A lady on a party dress was walking in the stream of people in a station.Making the atmosphere around her be graceful, she went by towards the ocean of people.
What a grace a party dress has.She has a graceful atmosphere that people around her aren’t able to have.
I think a party dress is well designed to show women so beautiful.It could be safe to say that a cloth folded over makes us imagine a bird which flutters its wings, and see-through fabrics which is used in some parts of a dress make an atmosphere like wearing an air.
A woman on a party dress might be like a beautiful bird.
Dresses are tailored in many styles so women have many choices.From vivid color to white or black.A bird woman can become is wide-spread from kingfisher to swan.Versus to woman, man’s choice is only suits.Comparing in bird, man can become only eagle, swallow or penguin
However, dresses for woman appear to be cold by thin fabric or exposed part of skin, so she would have had a coat in her arm for that.I pray she doesn’t catch a cold.
When I saw her, I guessed that she might visit to a bridal party.
The bridal party which blesses new couple and its future needs gorgeous atmosphere.Supposing that she is like a beautiful bird , she could be a messenger which tells god’s bless.
God bless you.
Her figure that was cut out of the party looked so graceful .
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