From the sky to the hand

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The sunset was getting closer.There was two figures playing catch ball on the beach illuminated by the setting sun.They, a boy and a girl, might have been dating.
They threw and caught a ball in turn.After exchanged the ball in several times, he seemed to try to throw a difficult ball to her. He tossed up the ball high.She chased it towards the setting sun.As ball and the sun overlapped in the sky, she appeared to be dazzled by the sunlight.Kicking the beach powerfully, she jumped up.The ball slowly came into her glove which is at the end of her arm she reached out.
Nice catch!」
We often see that catch ball is played in a park by family, friends, or lovers.It might be affected by its simpleness that catch ball is playable even only two people.Although it only throws and catches a ball, why it is so enjoyable?
Catching a ball without falling it, you throw it adjusting power and direction. You would not get tired of it so soon even if you repeat these actions in many times.It’s not only an exchange of a ball.It might make us feel a kind of ties by catching and throwing a ball.In cinema or TV drama family or friends play catch ball so often.I guess that has an effect to represent ties of mind.
What you throw in catch ball is not just a ball,it would symbolize trust and ties.You are entrusted a ball because you are expected to be catch it goodly. In a sense, catching a ball among two people might be a kind of solidarity.
This must be a scene of happiness.Her sense of achievement and satisfaction about having caught a ball might have been reflected on her movements.

Her appearance moving the body under the setting sun was so beautiful.

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