A form of communication

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The express train I got on stopped at a station.
There is a little people on the next platform I saw through the window.
The next platform I saw through the window was quiet, there were little people.A high school girl sat on the nearest bench from me was the only figure I could see at that time.Touching her face with a hand, she stayed still as watching her smartphone.Her fingers moved little, so she seemed to read a mail.Although it was impossible to imagine who sent a mail to her, she read it seriously.
What is a topic teenager girl get interested?Friend, school, club activity, boyfriend, and so on.Email is a communication which tells “now”.You can send it at the moment when you want to tell.However, it’s not special thing because in any era folks have taken communications with who is around them or at far place.
For example, in several decades ago mailing played important role in communication.There were pages for who looking for penpal on magazines, many people was in correspondence with it.
It’s email friend in this era.Culture of Email friend inherited the culture of pen pal looking for friend through BBS
Because email friend is looked for through BBS, we can say that email culture has inherited the pen pal’s one.Even if the way of communication changes, essence of it doesn’t change at all.In any time, any country, there is what you want to tell and hear, so you might take communication with others.Each symbolic style of communication have been left as the appearance of era respectively.
In medieval Europe, the appearance that a lady opens a sealing wax.
In 20th century, the appearance that a girl put a letter into a post.
And the appearance that she reads an email on the smartphone is exactly the scene that represent the shape of communication in beginning of 21st century.

This illustration could be remembered as such.After several decade later, you will remind the appearance of her as a scene of nostalgic email style?

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