Where is a picturesque scene?

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Girls of camera circle came to the beach at the beginning of summer.
After hearing instructions from its leader, they spread on the beach to take a photo by cameras held in hand.All of them went closer to the shore.It looked funny that some immersed their leg in the sea, some played with waves.On the side, other girls was taking photos of friends who played with waves.
A girl removed a camera from her neck.After wiped off its screen, she put the camera on the neck again.
Tilting her face slightly sideways,she seemed to look at far place.I wondered if she was staring at a single point.She might have been looking for a picturesque scene from all of landscapes around her.
Finding a composition that cut out the landscape impressively in the mind.
Exaggerating bright stuff by reducing the quantity of light.
Baking an illusion in the daily life on the photograph by coloring it.
Her eyes are hunter’s ones which find out picturesque scenes hidden in a scenery.So I felt a tension like an athlete tightens a shoe strap before the race in her figure that putting camera on her neck.Yes, taking out beauty from scenery is a kind of competition for photographers.
However , she wasn’t aware there was a picturesque view in close to her.In a sense it was nature she couldn’t get aware of it.Because her figure was exactly so picturesque.
She would find out a beautiful scenery that is hidden in anywhere?
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