The end of summer

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In September,the beach after finished sea bathing period was still exposed to strong sunlight.The temperature was getting colder from the top of warmth, but hot air surrounded us.It was so hot as you could get comfortable in the sea.
All of guests who bustled the beach has gone to where ?
Beach houses had already disassembled, only frameworks were left like a skeletal model in a school.The crowd in the summer already gone away , as if the beach announced the coming of autumn.
A girl jumped on the pier at the edge of the beach.
She seemed to be on the way to her home .A fastener of her jacket was still opened, the swim wear was visible under it.A beach guest was there. It didn’t extinct yet by coming of autumn.She appeared to have exposed herself to sunlight or gotten into the sea up to this time.It would be comfortable because there was no crowd annoying you.Fastening the zipper, she began to walk on the pier.Did she enjoyed the beachside thoroughly ?
It didn’t seem to have to worry about that.The trace of sunburn on her arm showed that she was under the sun for long time in this summer.
Strong sunlight and high temperature would be getting weak from this day.
The summer finishes.
Today could be the last summer day in this year for her.I wondered if she would come here next summer.
Thinking like that,I commited this scene into my memory.
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