Let’s take a photo for memorial

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Girls were taking photos at the port of the harbor.
Holding a camera, one girl was trying to catch other girls in front of her into a photo.Looking at the display on the back of her camera and adjusting direction of it carefully, she released a shutter.After took a photo, she stared at the display and inclined her head for a while.
Her face had not only a smiling but a countenance like being in trouble.Because the photo blurred or exposure wasn’t proper, that photo seemed to be unexpected quality.However, she didn’t suggest taking a photo once more for others.
She appeared to hesitate whether she should take photos again or not.Maybe, the photo didn’t have so grave fault in itself.It could be like slight slippage of exposure or subtle miss focus.
But, she seemed to want tp take a photo for memorial beautifully.When watching photos afterward,if pictures she takes are blurred or unfocused that must discourage her.
How about doing it again if you hesitate?
Photograph exists to cut out the moment.Camera has been given the mission that records the sight you saw and the brightness you felt.After no matter how long time has passed ,it would remind of days you spent from the deep memory.
So, you are taking a photo.
If it doesn’t have good appearance than you expected, take one more photo again.Because it would be one of pictures to remind clearly what happened today.
After I passed by girls , their voices came from backward .I wondered what photograph they would take in next.
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