All women are on the stage

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At the concourse in the station, a man seemed to wait somebody.People came into the eye sight from all direction and soon it left away to somewhere.At one point, a person got out of the line of folks and came closer to him.The figure who appeared finally was said like this.
“It’s like actress”
A tall lady wearing coat was there.Thanks to boots, her legs looked long.
When a man sees a beautiful woman, why representing them like an acresss?There are many type of actress.A woman who plays a role in front of cameras or on the stage is an actress, it has nothing to do with her looks at all.As that way of representation sounds to include a kind of expectation to women, I feel something unscrupulous in it.
“Smart style” might be like this.Her boots showed legs long and the coat produced smart moves.It was like realizing an expectation.Representing women like an actress is purely a praise with no other meaning.
The reason why he said so was that her clothing looked like a costume in cinema?Supposing that a woman wearing nasty clothing, you say to her “It’s like an actress!”?No. It’s absolutely NO.
In cinema, an actress wearing such costume should be a supporting actress.His word “It’s like an actress” must have been omitted the word of “leading”.Because a leading actress generally is in beautiful costume.
Yes, She is a leading actress on her stage.
I guess that women would be conscious how their appearance look when they choose clothing to put on.They would change clothes depending on how they want to be seen from others.Well matured lady , cute girl, wild woman, and so on.Because they play a role from that time.

It’s safe to say she chosen this costume of “well matured lady” and came to here.
Women always stand on the stage.
Women always play a role that they want to be.
So, the word “It’s like an actress” would be correct .

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