Running through like flying

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The speed of time isn’t equal in weekday and holiday.It would be incorrect in physical but correct in psychology.On a pedestrian way in holiday walking folks flow slowly as if time is stretched by an invisible force.
A girl ran through the stream of people moving slowly.
Slipping through narrow spaces among folks, she ran to anywhere.It was like leaping rather than running.I worried about that running with higher heels could make her stumble.However, it might be possible to leap high as she ran like a wild animals that don’t touch the ground with heels.Its appearance similar to an impala’s run was beautiful.Her brown coat made me imagine such a view?
Her running form was in place.
The arm lifting to hang the carrying bag resembles to the beautiful running form that wags arms strongly to run faster.Her hair which flowed to side and opposite arm which extended to take a balance made beautiful appearance.It looked she ran as cutting the air.
Why she hastes so much?
Where she runs towards?
Different from other folks, I couldn’t help imagine about the girl who left the strong impression.
She must have had a place where she wanted to arrive in time.Her heart had already flew to there.Her leaping might showed the figure of her body which is going to catch up with her mind.
The extended leg in front of her grabbed the ground again, it pushed out her forward.By leaping high.The wind came from her left a subtle pressure on my face.It would go away soon.She was a wind.It comes suddenly, and nothing is left after it gone away.
Except for the memory of the wind which has passed through there.
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