A modern beauty looking back

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A woman seemed to look for something while talking with her mobile phone.Stopping after two or three steps, she looked at her left side, right side and around her.But nothing was found.She began to talk to the mobile phone again.Waiting for someone? or being lost the way?
Suddenly she uttered voice of exclamation and looked back turning her body largely.Her face showed a smile.What she was looking for would be found soon.
Her figure looking back by putting an axis on her one leg was so impressive.
Why the appearance that a woman looks back has beauty in it?
There is one of Ukiyoe named “beauty looking back” drawn by Moronobu Hishikawa in Edo era.In 1948, it was used as a design of a stump in Japan. (Click here to see the image of that Ukiyoe in wikimedia)This Ukiyoe tells that a figure of looking back of women have been considered as a attractive behavior from Edo era.Staring at the picture, I thought like this. Curves made by bending a body might create a beauty.As there are little art works of looking back of men, it would be true.
We can say like following from psychology.
A difference between the direction of a body going and the direction of a intention paying attentions creates an posture of a conflict.I feel like there is a meaning of confirming a important things which is left behind in the action of looking back.
Isn’t there anything you have forgotten behind you?
Isn’t it a wrong path you have come?
Didn’t anybody speak to you?
You can’t help to look back in that situation.In many cases it would be an illusion, but in rare cases it happens you will find out something important.
This is the sight of the moment of finding out important thing, simultaneously, the figure of the beauty looking back in this era.
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