With a cup of coffee

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In the city having already gotten dark after the sunset, bright part of it pushed back the darkness slightly.Under the light, a woman was reading a book, some tapped its smartphone with a finger.All of them spent a time respectively , but everybody put each cup of drink in front of them.Coffee cup , paper cup, and so on.
I passed by a coffee shop.
The inside view of the shop was seeable through large glass panes.New customers would get into the shop by being induced with the view.At the table next to a glass pane there was a women who was hearing the partner’s story seriously.
Touching fingers to her mouth, staring at the front of her, She nodded occasionally.She was listening without taking the coffee cup on the table.I guessed they had been talking for a long time.What topic she was intrigued to listen to?
After you have grown up, as you increase what you can decide and do, topics of talk will get wide.
Job, marriage, love affair,future, trip, and rumor.
A story you hear from others tells what happened somewhere else. Things you don’t know are buried in that.It would be similar to digging up useful treasures.Hints might be hidden in a story if it is as similar as your circumstances.
The more similar to your circumstances, the more hints might be hidden in a story.
Many conversations are told all around the world.
At the side of a well where people came to draw a water.
In front of a coffee maker in an office.
Before the fireplace which give off warm air out of burning firewood.
Her figure must be the one of these scenes.

I felt a smartness in her figure crossing legs with boots and putting her elbow on the table.Clothes, place, and posture could embody a mature woman.

Looking back after drawn this illustration, I’m glad to make this scenery an illustration having a mature women.On the other hand, I’m also afraid that a coffee cup aside her might have been getting cold.

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