No music, no life

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Around the pillar supporting a building, people was flowing like a river.At the side of the stream of walker, a girl waiting someone pulled a cable on the front of the chest.
Because the song finished or she found a friend in the distance, she removed earphone by pulling it and tilting her head slightly.To Set her eyes on the walkers, she kept looking on the stream which ran near her.
This sight might represent the relationship of music and us very well.
Walkman hit the market from Sony about 30 years ago.As the portable music device was radio caset recorder before, the emergence of Walkman was the revolutionary event.
Until that time, it was common to carry heavy and bulky radio cassette recorder on the back.However, its purpose wasn’t for listening to music at anywhere but to play music outdoors.
After the creation of Walkman, the emergence of portable device even a girl can put into a pocket and carry resulted that new style listening to music in anywhere and anytime has been made up.
Scenery about music has changed as well.Because it has come to be common sense carrying your favorite musics with a mobile player and listening to it as you like.And earphone was added to fashion item.
Earphones before the era of mobile player had mainly simple shape like combination of circle and cylinder. After the revolution, it gained variations of color and futuristic designs surrounded by curved surfaces.
Mobile players itself also began to compete in visual design, it was getting thinner and lighter year by year.At this era that memory devices has replaced cassette tapes, a box equal to a zippo lighter in scale plays much longer hours than cassette tapes, so we can say that the evolution in technology would be as large as the one between human being and anthropoid.
Her appearance is the scenery made out of the emergence of mobile music player.
The behavior of tilting her head to replace the earphone looked cool.This sight will remain in future?
It might disappear in future if transmitting data to earphone get common and cables are no longer needed.Because coming revolution does not necessarily preserve the way of listening.
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