Why her waffle looked tastes good?

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There was a shop selling freshly baked waffles.
Some of who bought a waffle at the shop walked away holding it in their hand, others left away putting it in their bag.Meanwhile people having a waffle in hand passed by me, figures of girls talking in holding waffles in their hand remained in my impression.
I have considered that having meals outdoor is ill-mannered, so I can’t eat foods like that in walking. I might have thought obsessively that I have to have meals inside a room.However, the emergence of crepes has changed that idea of manner.
After crepe has been introduced to Japan, stalls selling it and people (especially girls) who walk while
eating a crepe seemed to increase.
Eating something outdoors is tend to be seen as a rude manner. You would feel unpleasant if you see someone guzzles hamburger in a train.But,if that food is a crepe or another sweets, the impression you have felt changes to something cute.The level of the cute sensor could stand at highest value.
Walking with a friend while eating same stuff is a symbol of pleasnat time. Is it said that having a meal with someone else make tastes good, isn’t it? Although we don’t know conversations makes tastes good or good tastes make conversations funny, I guess that is a kind of ties.You would receive strongly a sense of sharing same time and place by feeling same taste among you and other people around you.
The waffle she was eating looked so delicious.
Because it’s not by only goodness of the taste but also having made me feel the most pleasant moment that share same time while having nice taste food .
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