Hair also makes up women

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A traffic signal standing in a little distance seemed turn its light to green.A wave of people came to a pedestrian stream which decreased like tide, many folks passed before me again.Miscellaneous people went by.Some hurried and some walked slowly.There were many type of people, as if an encyclopedia telling us many species of lifestyle.
On the one page of it, a girl paying attention on her hair was there.
I wondered what she stare.She checked how damaged her hair,or hair color was out of her expectation?Hair seems to be what you have to clean up and decorate like clothes.A Number of hair care products shows us it is true.So, I guess the appearance of looking at hair picked with fingers is a natural behavior for girls who are going to show them beautiful.
It has an attraction that men aren’t able to represent absolutely.
Sweeping long hair aside by hand, it would be beautiful shaping like water stream flying in the air by reflecting the light.Holding hair to prevent it from being blown strongly by winds, it would make a geometrical beauty like weaving.
It is quite rare to see the sight like her figure.Because of this, she might be unforgettable.
If I encounter with the sight a woman touching her hair, I would draw it again.
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