Merry Christmas, Miss Santa Claus

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Many shops which sell souvenirs opened in the illumination event in winter.They sold miscellaneous stuffs varied from goods like a keyholder or a pin badge to cakes.
Each shop appealed its product with voices, that made a lively atmosphere. It’ s inevitable buying something if you come here in pleasant mood.And “that person” was there.
That person who comes in every winter wearing a red costume stood at the shop of cakes in the figure of a girl.Holding a placard which was printed the photo of cakes, she said “how about a cake for souvenir”.She weared onepiece short skirt costume ,but it didn’t seem to be cold thanks to a red mantle.
Why the costume of Santa Claus has a friendly atmosphere?
She didn’t give a gift, wasn’t on a sledge, and even didn’t bring any reindeer to here.By the myth of Santa Claus, we might have the impression that a person who wears that red costume would give benefactions to around folks.
It’ said that the origin of Santa Claus was the bishop of East Roman Empire several thousand years ago. He would be surprised if he knew that there are women Santa Claus in 21st century.Because even certificated Mrs.Santa Claus exists.
When women began to wear costumes which based on Santa Claus?
In old days, only man Santa Claus used to appear in winter.While we were unaware, women Santa Claus also came to appear around us. addition that, their costumes were modified to cute clothing like onepiece dress or short skirt.
Bishop Saint Nicholas, your legend seems to be stretched in this era.
Given that Santa Claus give away gifts for children, Santa Claus girls give us what?No.The thought like expecting always to be given something might not be good.Because thinking from the viewpoint of male, it’s pleasant only if cute girls are there.
Her appearance is the winter scenery I want to preserve on the paper forever.
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