What is your number of the god’s voice?

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When a new year starts, shrines are crowded with many people who come to pray their hopes for gods enshrined.
“I wish to pass the examination.”
“I hope to keep good health for long time.”
“I want my business to go well.”
I wonder that a god can truly listen to hopes of many people came to him.However, the fact having prayed to a god gives a sense of security that hopes might come true to people.
Many visitor to a shrine draw a fortune slip to tell the new year.If it shows “big lucky”, they foresee the future of the year is filled with fortune.On the other hand, if “small lucky” is printed, they feel the year would be slightly misfortune.
But, many visitor misunderstand about fortune slip.It isn’t fortune telling.It’s said that what written in a fortune slip is a advice from a god, so you should utilize it in your daily life.That make feel a special force influences on me when I pull out a wooden stick which is printed a number from a box.Because a god would give me the best advice from many fortune slips already prepared.At the moment of pulling out, I always intentionally swing the box a lot as if it’s needed to get an appropriate number.Although the number coming out of the box is truly coincidental, a place of shrine makes me think it might be the number that a god have given to me.
There was a girl who was going to pull out the number.She looked at the stick which was printed a number for a while, and put the box on the table.I didn’t know the fortune slip she would buy was written good things or not.But she looked joyful as if it would be filled with lucky things.
I think it’s good.What she was going to get was an advice but a prediction.It must go well if she utilize the advise.
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