Welcome to Japan

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I love an atomosphere when a new year begins.
Especially to atmosphere around a shrine where many people and stalls crowd because it make me feel a sense of activity.In Japan, going to a shrine is called ‘Hatsumode’, it means you go to a shrine to pray something to a god enshrined at there.In Hatsumode, fair number of ladies wearing Kimono come out, so it might be a reason you can see a graceful atmosphere in the new year week.
Recently, I can see visitors coming from other countries in the new year week so often. An architectural style of shrine or a scenery of forming lines to pray god might make interesting for visitors.
There was a lady who took a selfie at the side of the shrine. She also seemed to be a guest coming from foreign country.She walked off the shrine after looking at the photo on the her smartphone screen.
It’s not special at all.What she did is what everyone do all around the world.But, I’m glad to learn that guests from other countries take photos in Japan.
Thank you for coming to Japan.
Thank you for having interest to Japan.
After she went home, the photo she took would stay in her phone as one of memorial photograph?Sceneries in photos would spread the image of this far east country?If it will, there is nothing glad than that because it creates new interest to Japan of another people. I cordially hope many guests come to Japan to see the scenery of this country with their own eyes.
You don’t feel sad if your country is thought boring from another countries, do you?
Putting her smartphone into the pocket on her , she left away.
I don’t know whether she will come to Japan again, but if she visit us again, I would say this.
“Welcome to Japan”
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