She comes running a little with faceful of smile

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Every arrival of train, people overflowed out of gates of the station.They gone away for all directions like branches from a river.
A girl running a little to a friend waiting her drawn my attention.
Holding her bag steadily, she came running a little with smiling on the face.”You waited long?” she said.I feel like that appearance of her run represents her pleasant.Someone spends its time for waiting us means that we are needed from them too.If you know anybody waiting you, you would leap to there as soon as possible?Because you will desire to get closer to person who wants to be with you.
It’s never possible that you don’t feel pleasant by being accepted the existence of you.So, it made her feet run .
When arriving at a person waiting of you, you might feel that there is a world where you can be alive.By finding footplace, we can be alive.By stepping out from there, we can spread our world.We live our life by repeating this action.
In some day, it will happen that she waits for someone by spending her time.Through that, she will give an acceptace and a place to live for other one.The circle of people might expand like this.

Next train seemed arrive at the station again.New wave of people flowed out gates.The scenery that they pleased meeting today gone away with a stream of folks.

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