Fly away to the sky!

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In Japan, there are consecutive holidays called the golden week at the beginning of may. It’s grateful that we can have many holidays at that week. At the beginning of may it’s getting warmer, we can go out with light clothing, or take a trip in a few days.
I guess the golden week is convenient for getting together to playing something in group.
At a park in that week, I saw a group playing catch ball with a basketball.They passed a basketball among members by throwing it with one arm or pushing it with both arms.After the basketball went around through members in turn , one member tossed the ball higher towards a girl to change a monotonal moving. Showing an orbit like a mountain in the air , it went down to her.
She steadily received the ball with her body and arms.It seemed to stimulated her naughty heart.To throw higher ball than she received, she jumped up ,swinged her arms largely, and released the basketball at the higher point above her head.It was as if she hoped it reaches to the sky.
Her legs which kicked off the soil showed the slender appearance in the air.The word “active” was matched to her figure that whole her body jumped up towards the sky.
Motions like running or jumping make it possible to see an energy human beings have.Same as we are impressed appearances of athletes, lively motion of ordinary person would also have a force touching our heart.When that forces leave something in hearts of us, we might feel that the person shines.

Landing on the ground, she aimed her face to the friend who would catch the ball.The ball released to the sky pulled back to the earth soon.Increasing its speed, the ball dived into arms of her friend and made a big sound.

It must be the sound of an energy came from the shining of person.

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