Putting on earphones

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Many people moved forward forming a wave in the broad corridor which leads to the concourse of the station.The another wave that went to opposite direction was next to the wave I ride.
A girl touching her ear with hands caught my eyes among people walking to opposite direction of me.Cables were dangling from her hands.She decided the position of earphones carefully, and leaved hands from ears.
Previously,I have drawn an illustration of a girl who removed earphones in this article.There is an action removing earphones means there is also an action putting on earphones.When you remove earphones, you don’t have to put off it carefully.It finishes by only pulling a cable.But in the case you put on earphones, it doesn’t be so simple, because you couldn’t obtain the best audio environment even if there is subtle difference in position and angle.
Walking with earphones in ears means you enter into your own world?Because sounds you listen differ from what other people listen.Voices around you, footsteps, engine noise of cars, announces from speakers, and sound of trains.I’m afraid that walking isolated from such sounds might be danger. However, it could be comfortable too.When a traffic signal doesn’t change for a long time or crowded people don’t go fast, your favorite music would soften your frustrations.
Two waves of crowd kept proceed, I passed by her.She walked unchanged after putting on earphones.
Your walking could change by music you listen?
Her step seemed to get rhythmical slightly.
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