On the beach

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After summer has come and temperature raised, folks look for something cool.We feel coming of summer by touching water at the sea or rivers.
At the beach crowded by many people, girls barefoot got closed to the shore raising their hem.Standing on the wet sands, they was looking at the moving of waves.When a big wave came they raised a cheer while running away it.They finally seemed to make decision to step into the sea.At the first, they carefully went forward to where ankles immersed with water, and raised a cheer.
How they felt the sea touching their naked feet?They stepped more towards offshore one by one.Waves sometimes shaked their body.Backwashes tried to carry off their feet.A feeling of touching the sand would make them feel the sea directly.
That was the sense of summer.
A girl went one step further offshore and looked back at the face of her friends by turning her body.She made one more step.Smile countenance was on her face when she looked back again.”I can go further!” Her smile seemed to say it.
At where two or three steps forward, she was almost tripped her feet, and went out from the sea.Burned sands warmed her leg that was taken the fever by water. A summer has come.
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