Towards a sea breeze

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A sea shore is a place where is blown strong by winds.Because the wind which has run on the sea without being hampered by anything rushes as it maintain its force.My eyes caught a lady who walked in that wind with a brilliant blue blouse and a white skirt.Like confirming where she has to go, she looked back and send a smile.
The white skirt reflected the sunlight and looked bright.Her blouse exposed her shoulder was a style of summer.She was walking on the sand which was given a heat by the sun with shoes in her hand.Winds seemed to be being cool down the hotness that was passed on her leg.
A long hair streamed by the air and a skirt clinged to her leg told me the strength of winds visually.Her hair changed its direction as a wind passed, her skirt repeated to spread and shrink.
The stream of a hair is the stream of air, wrinkles of clothes are the wave of air.
The appearance made by being blown with a wind has an impressive stuff.A shaking of branches of tree, waves on the wheat field, and a flutter of flag.Those scenery are reminded by the appearance of skirt being blown by winds.However,fluttering her clothing, she was walking spontaneously.It made me feel strongness like birds flapping.
She went further.
Winds were trying to push back her yet.Even in that wind, she moved towards the wind without restraining her hair.The skirt pulled towards leeward seemed looked leaving some kind of reverberation.
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