A waiting person is always bored

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A girl stood at the side the pillar which supports a building next to the station.It was afternoon in summer, strong sunlight was falling down, and reflections from the ground was too hot yet.The eaves of the building saved her from fierce sunlights.She seemed waiting someone. While turning her head for leftward and rightward, she looked for her friend in the stream of people walking in front of her.She leaned her body on the pillar, raising her one leg.The appearance putting a leg on the pillar was as if boredom took form.
I wonder that you have what feeling when you wait for someone.Will come to here really? he or she is in a trouble at somewhere else? Your imagination would get negative while your friend is absent.I felt such anxious emotion was on her face.You can’t see a face of a person who waits for you.Seeing her face, I was made aware that folks waiting me have such countenance.Looking back my experiences, when I met a friend who waited for me, almost of them had smiling face.It might be because they were freed from worrying about people who was not there.
While I was unaware, she had gone.
The countenance mixed with anxiety and boredom must have disappeared from her face.
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