A selfie with a yukata

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Lines of people incessantly was flowing to the place where fireworks would be launched.Folks wearing yukata, a traditional japanese clothing, passed through my sight.Suddenly, I was able to see a woman standing between the stream of people.Holding a camera in her hand, she sent a straight glance to the lens aiming at her.
Wearing a yukata would be a special event which takes place only in summer.The day going out to see fireworks should be special day.Yukata clad appearance that she was going to record is a rare thing which happens few times in a year.When is the next time that she puts on a yukata?
A sleeve dangled from her one arm fluttered in the air with a breeze.Yukata drew a line from the band on her waist up to the hem.The appearance expanding an arm made yukata draw many beautiful curves, and gave an impression of beauty to her.
As the sun got closer to the horizon, the sunlight softened.She would take a picture which represent this year’s summer.Stopping all moving, she was smiling to the camera several second.Moment after, she lowered an arm and brought the camera to near her face.

She glanced at a picture taken right now, and left there riding the stream of people again.

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