The most cute pose in the world

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The streak of people led to the venue where fireworks would be launched.I didn’t know how much people were there, but the venue seemed to have room to accommodate them.Slowly but steadily, they went to there.It was a special day so many people took pictures.Stopping at there, some pointed a camera to themselves, some were taken a picture by other people.Of course, there were people taking a photo while walking.
A woman walked with friends seemed to be spoken to take a photo from who was walking ahead of her.Her friend aimed the camera at her , facing opposed to the direction of walking.She leaned her head, and turned her one hand made a posure touching her body slightly.Keeping her posture and smile, she walked .She would think like this.This is the most cute pose in the world.It’s good because those thought shape a countenance and a behavior, and spread as a communication.
After the friend took a photo by pushing a shutter button, she set back her head straight and lowered a hand.She came close to the friend and look at the picture on the backside of the camera.She was taken cute in the photo?The most cute pose in the world vanished already,however, the smile on her face was there yet.
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