The flower of the beach

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After summer has come, beach houses emerge on the beach.Some were like beer garden,some were like a bar having a counter.Even there were beach houses like an attraction with a pool and play equipments.They might be operated by a big company.
At the front of such attraction type beach house, there were a girl distributing fans to guests.She handed out a fan which were printed the name of the beach house.It was the hot day with strong sunlight so that folks who was given the fan took a coolness by fanning it soon.
Her sun tanned skin suggested that she had distributed many fans like this since the season began.She had been in this hot environment for long time.I wonder she should fan it for herself prior to handing out fans to guests.
She must be a flower of this beach house.This example could be the truth.The fan is a pollen, and people who got it will bring it to the vast range.Fans having been spread to vast areas would call many guests to here again.
At the pool of this beach house, children was playing games.Sometimes water drops flew from the pool to the front, it made the the floor get wet.Her feet also took the water, and it seemed to cool down her.
Even in this hot summer, this flower would never wither.
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