A holiday in Japan

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Near the sunfall in the one summer day, the sun was illuminating there strongly yet through the cloudless sky.At the time a few people went home through the path from a beach, I saw a couple walked while passing a rugby ball each other. The man putting on the cap backward grabbed the ball and tried to throw it.A girl walking about 5m ahead of him occasionally looked back. As he tried to throw the ball, she turned her body and got ready to catch it.Her hair was blonde.Both of them were talking in foreign language, and passed the ball each other.
I imagined who were they because people coming to a small beach of local city didn’t look tourists.I guessed they lived and had a job in Japan.I worried whether a holiday they spent in the country far from their mother land was comfortable. I hope this country is livable for everyone.
He seemed to throw the ball slightly strong.A big sound came out as she caught it.Turning her body, she held up it and looked at him.She was also going to throw it strong.
Leaving her hand, The ball flew drawing straight course.
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