Taking an appearance of yukata into a photograph

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People coming to the summer festival made a crowd.Various folks were there.There were people walking alone, families, even a group that was consisted of several friends.In that crowd, a girl was walking with her boy friend.Once stopping she turned her camera to herself and released its shutter.They started to walk again.While showing the backside of the camera she spoke to him.Right after they talked, he received the camera , went back few steps on the passage they came, and aimed the camera to her.This time he appeared to take a photo for her.It’s good.The next photo would take a whole view of her different from the selfie taken by her own hand.The yukata she put on for the day should be taken in a photograph.
She stood up straight, and turned the direction of her body to make her slightly slanting to the camera.Raising an arm,she smiled while making v sign with the hand.
A crowd and an atmosphere of the festival seemed to add colorfulness to her smile.As if the time had stopped, she didn’t move until the shutter released.If a beautiful appearance was able to preserve, I couldn’t help hope the time stopped.

But, it started again.She lowered the arm as breaking the v sign, he came closer to her and passed the camera.She looked at the screen on the backside of the camera for a while.Smiling to each other, they began to walk again.

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