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A city is a place so busy that people go through leftward or rightward rapidly.A girl walked into fastly my sight according to the pace of walk around her.Suddenly slowing down, she replaced shoulder strap from her body and hanged it high with her one hand.A moment after she looked in the bag which was opened broad, she fumbled in it with a opposite hand.
She seemed to be being look for something.
Why many women use a large bag?Men don’t know what are there in a bag that women bring.Their bag should be an another universe.As if it’s a number of stars, girls must bring various stuffs like makeup items, or hair care items.Those many things are needed to build up a girl.The size of bag to keep cuteness of them would be probably her bag.
The hand came out of her bag held a smartphone.It might have been hidden from many stuffs.While putting the bag strap on her shoulder, she increased her walking pace again.She disappeared in the stream of people while looking at the phone she took out.
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