Like looking up the sky

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At the evening of the day that fireworks would bloom in the sky, many people wandered around looking for the place close to it.Different from them, there were another folks who gave up to walk and decided to see fireworks at the place distanced from the launch position.I was able to see a couple about to take a photo at that place .
While they were talking with smiling faces, girl hoisted the selfie stick high,and the boy got one step closer to her.To take both of them into a photo, a smartphone was set in a landscape orientation to her selfie stick.The appearance of holding the stick looked like a figure raising a flag.Her hand grabbed it steadily and her body slanted to support the weight.He also supported it from her back.
Both of their eyes directed to the camera straightly as if they looked up to to the sky.I felt the impression of being filled with some kind of hope in their posture aiming their head at upper place.A posture looking at lower makes us feel being bothered by past, but a posture looking at upper makes us feel expecting futures.You don’t know what will happen ahead, so you might be able to feel future or dream in the appearance of looking to the sky.
Taking a photo,she lowered the stick.They stood in line to the direction that fireworks would be launched , and looked up the sky.
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