A girl in a club activity

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At the station in the holiday, various people came and went.
Many girls wearing same school uniform and having same bag walked closer together.At the near of the station, a match of their club activity seemed to be held. They was about to go home.A girl having a big bag unbalanced to her body caught my eyes.It appeared to be filled with many stuffs, she balanced by bending her body to opposite side of the bag.It looked heavy, however she went without stumbling.
Sun tan on her face and arm made me imagine that she played a match under the sunlight.What sports she played?An individual competition, or a team competition?
There should be a towel, a uniform,a water bottle, and implements needed for the sport in the bag.The reminiscence that she dedicated to the sport in the age of teenager would be big like her bag.Did she proceed to upper tournament by winning?If she did, congratulations.

Raising the hand and greeted to the friends who spent today together, she walked to another direction.Padding many stuffs to the bag, she attend to a match again? I hoped the day would come.

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