A yukata-clad camera girl facing backward

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There were girls walking side by side in a row in the people going to a summer festival.While talking pleasantly they went forward to the venue of the festival.A girl got forward from the side of her friends, and run ahead a little.Raising her smartphone at the front of her body, she began to walk backwards after she turned her body by putting the weight on her one leg.I worried she would stumble or hit her body to something. However, she walked backward well.Movement of her foot and the hem differed from what I got accustomed to see, it made me feel fresh.
Her fingers ran on the phone.It seemed to adjust zoom or focus to take a good photo.Aiming the camera at friends, she kept to walk in smile and pushed a button while paying attention to movement of her hand to prevent the photo from blur.
Keeping to walk backwards, she pulled her phone closer to the face.To make the screen be seeable for other girls, she directed the phone to them and extended her arm.I was able to learn that she felt glad because her face was full of smile.
She turned her body again and walked forward.
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