Sharing pleasant hours

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Around days after the peak of hotness passed, I saw a girl who was looking a far landscape sitting on the stair in the park built on the high ground.She put her elbows on the leg and face was on her arms. Her posture of bending ankles towards inside made me feel her relaxed temper.She came there with a group of several girls.They sat in line.
What were they looking at?
Cars running on the road in the far distance.
A train going like a streak.
A stream of clouds.
Human figures like small dots.
She glanced at far place while talking with friends.Occasionally, she pointed to somewhere by raising an armEach things seeable was general and didn’t seem to be interested by the girls, but, they didn’t look bored or uninterest at all. It might be enough only talking at the same time and at the same place.Even if talking about trivial things, communications are spread among them by speaking to each other.It would let them confirm that the distance of hearts are very near.

The girls had talked as they saw the landscape for a while, finally they stood up and left there.The hour sharing the same view finished.However, familiarities they obtained through communications should be shared among their hearts yet .

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