A lady walking beautifully

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In the summer, there is the day when yukata-clad people suddenly emerge.That is the day a big event will be held at the near place.Fireworks, summer festival, traditional dance event, and so on.In such day, folks wearing a yukata incessantly come to there.
A woman in a beautiful form fo walking passed my sight as if she came out of the fashion magazine.Having a bag from her one arm, she was walking.Her opposite hand extended straight and shaked back and forth.
I was aware of attraction of japanese style clothes once again.
It was made larger to envelope a body, so it shows a large movement, and draws beautiful curves.Because of that, movements of arms and feet look graceful.
Wrinkles made by big cloth are also beautiful appearance.Large sleeves and a hem make many wrinkles creating shadows.That looks like beautiful ripples.Like a water surface spreading waves, as clothes moves it appears and disappears on a yukata.So the view of walking in beautiful movement was seen very attractive.
She was walking shaking arms.The motion of it fluttered sleeves, legs moving in turn waved the hem.Tilting her head slightly and looking ahead, she went away leaving graceful atmosphere behind her.
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