A teenager’s summer Ⅰ

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A new monument has been built, it became a sight to take a memorial photo soon.That was big and had a complex shape , it was able to climb at higher place or get your face out of a hole.It appeared to be popular because you can do various things at many part of the monument.
A teenager was going to take a photograph at the monument.She left her camera to other person who was there coincidentally and climbed up to higher part of that.Sitting at the flat part and taking a neat posture, she got her hand which made v sign close to the face.It was a day with strong sunlight, her white T-shirt reflected the sunlight so that it shined herself.It also showed her smile bright.
Leaving her body to the one arm and aligning legs, she made a smile.
Why teenager girls looks cute?I guessed that might be because they enjoy the current hour purely.At the childhood you don’t do anything bored, oppose to that, you dedicate your time and energy without hesitation to what you are interested in or pleasant.So I felt like she enjoyed that time cordially, and it made me feel cuteness on her appearance sending a shining smile to the camera.
After the shutter released, she got down from the monument to take another photo with her friend.
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