A teenager’s summer Ⅱ

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At the sight of commemorative photograph,there were a girl taking a picture with her friend.After having finished to take the photo, she was about to get down from the platform which was installed the monument.
Putting her one leg to the air, she balanced her body to be vertical with both hands.Her one leg supporting the weight was finally going to push out her body to the air. The appearance of straightened her body with the extended leg was beautiful.Her figure even looked to fly.
Both her legs left off the platform and she drifted in the air.
Why we can’t fly in the air?
If we were able to fly, we could see the appearance like jumping to the sky with a straightened body or the appearance like swimming in the air by turning gracefully a body.If it were, she should be able to fly like cloud and land like walking.
After the only few tens of centimeter journey of the sky finished, her extended leg caught the soil and supported the weight by bending largely.Standoing up again, she hurried to the person who released the shutter.She thanked to her with the friend and looked the camera.
She laughed to her friend with the smile enjoying the pleasnt hour cordially.
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