A beautiful pose is like a bird

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An art object was placed in a park.That was consisted of narrow pillars,and was arranged with the width a person can get into.Two girls was going to take a photo.Getting closer to the object, each girl went into the shadows of the different pillar and turned to a camera.
A pose that was made by one girl of them caught my eyes.She put her one leg in front of her and pressed her back to the pillar to lean her body to it.TThe extended leg made a beautiful curves, the folded opposite leg put a shoebottom on the pillar.The shape of legs made me impressed that was like a flamingo standing on the waterfront.
She touched the hair lightly with a hand, looked at her friend beyond the pillar by turning her head.She appeared to be interested in how and where her friend was going to be taken to photos.After exchanged several words, she turned and directed her head downward this time.Her one arm turning around the torso touched o the opposite arm.She waited the moment a shutter would be released by stopping all movings as if she came out of a fashion magazine.

Like we feel a flamingo standing on its one leg beautiful, the appearance being taken to a photograph with a posture combined with the extended leg and the folded leg was enough to look beautiful.

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