Throw it towards the sea

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At the beach near the sunset, there were a couple walking along the shore with laughing.A girl stretched an arm to around her feet.Many pebbles are on the sand at the place, she appeared to grabbed several stones.She jumped few times, stepped out ,and finally threw the pebble towards a sea.
One, two, three.
The pebble which flew out of her hand leaped on the surface of sea by hitting on it.
This game would be being played around the world.It’ just a pebble goes by being bounced back with water, however, the view running on the water like a creature might catch our eyes.It should make us feel our hands create small animals which perform unexpected moving.
As she was about to try it again, she grabbed another pebble and turned to the sea. After she stepped out strongly, revolved her body swinged the arm in the side throw style to make the pebble leap well.Her throw form was like the one baseball player do.
The pebble seemed to disappear in the sea after it jumped same times to previous throwing.They looked at the sea for a while with talking.Their conversation also got lively by the pebble jumping actively?
They went away leaving smiles .
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