What is there ahead of your eyes?

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Many people was walking in the corridor facing at the station.All of them proceeded for each directions.Some passed the station, some entered the ticket gate, and some went into a store near the station.
I saw a girl who was walking slowly in that flow of people.It was impossible to see she was going for anywhere.She also appeared to hesitate to go forward by losing a way.Suddenly bending her upper body, she showed a gesture of looking at forward.There might have been something tall or something bright to see the front of her.
Various stuffs were there.
Bulletin board showing important information.
A display which showed destinations of trains.
Posters on the wall.
A table which was wrote the fee of transport.
I don’t know what caught her eyes, but that was all significant thing to guide her to go, so she looked at that slanting her body.
I wondered if it wasn’t the posture looking for future like searching what to do and where to go. That could be the reason her gesture invoked my interest.
Something she found out seemed to remove the thing having held down her walking.Straightening her body, she walked away swiftly.
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