Kicking the surface of water at the end of the summer

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When the period of swimming in the sea end up, the temperature lowers and the water gets cold to swim.What you can do is only putting feet in the sea.Around that time, there were a couple standing at the sea by immersing feet in the water.
Soon, they came up with new play.It was that taking apart several meters each other, both flew out water by kicking the surface of the sea in turn, and the opponent avoided it.At the first turn , he kicked the water.Water drops splashed to her, she avoided them while cheering up.
Both was laughing for the fun of the play.
Her turn came.Putting her feet on the sand steadily, she floated one leg and waited the wave getting close.Pulling the leg behind, she swinged it largely and kicked up the surface of the water.
The leg raised high in straight with bare foot was impressive.
The feet caught the wave and threw many water drops to the air.He also bacame the target of them, finally got many water.The neat clothes or jeans wering for their dating got wet.However, it was all right.Those would be get dry soon because temperature was high yet.
In a few weeks, the temperature would lower much and you would get impossible to put your feet in the sea.Her appearance was the landscape of the ending of the summer before getting colder.
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