A portrait of a waiting person

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If you were late for meeting, it’s a kind of fight to come to the place as soon as possible.The person waiting you have an another fight that he or she spends the free time until you arrive at there.What you do in the time which emerged suddenly is difficult issue.It might be good glancing at something without doing anything.If you bring a book, it would be good to read it.There isn’t any limitation in the style of waiting.
A girl stood at the concourse of the station while occasionally looking at the stream of people.She seemed to wait someone.
She took out her own smartphone from the bag,held it inlandscape direction, and put on earphones.Looking downward, she began to touch the phone with fingers in both hands.I didn’t see what was displayed,but I guessed it was a game app.
You got be able to play high quality game apps in everywhere after functions of smartphone improved.It safe to say that has created her appearance.Although she was only killing time, the her figure of playing a game looked pleasant.
She raised her face once when the game play ended.But, the person to come didn’t seem to be there yet.She looked at the screen again, and started hit the phone with fingers.
There are styles of waiting for the number of person waiting someone.
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