What is cuteness?

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Standing at the side of street where many pedestrian passed, I was looking at the landscape of that.Various folks walked there.Men, women, some weared formal suits , and some were in casual clothes.
Among those people, I got aware that a girl walking with her friend.She had a long black hair and put on a cardigan in a pale color.Her flair skirt fluttered like a wave as she stepped.It was like true girl style fashion.
She walked with holding the hand in front of her mouth while narrowing eyes and laughing at the talking with friends.Why she caught my eyes?
It might because of her cuteness.
Colors restrained saturations and spreading clothes wide made me imagine a girl.Her figure didn’t make me feel any aggression.
In a childhood, you don’t hurt other people deliberately, and purely enjoy all of things.Such kindness and pureness might have expressed through her clothes.By choosing a girlish style as her fashion, she would have selected a woman like girl as her appearance.Because it is felt, cuteness may come through.
Her countenance smiling with her narrowed eyes was felt so friendly infinitely.After putting her hand back, she walked away from my sight.
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