With a dog

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In september climate got be moderate and it gave us an comfortable time under the sunlight.Many people visited a park in a holiday and spend their hours for each purposes.At a park where had a green space which were planted lawns, I saw a girl came to there with her family.The family didn’t be consisted of only human beings but also a black little dog.She was going to play with that dog.
She ran on the grass while drawing the dog’s lead.The dog also went keeping up her.At the far place, she removed the lead ,took a little distance, and called for the dog while clapping hands.After held the dog came to her feet for reaction to her calling out, she began to walk.
Seeing the view of a dog following to a person and playing, I guessed it’s funny to live with a dog.It should be the existence which gives us smiling.It was felt that loves for the dog was filled in her countenance so much.
Removing the lead, she put the dog on the lawn again.The dog ran when her hand left.Spreading arms wide and calling the dog’s name, she chased it rushing straightly to the family.
The girl raised her upper body to catch up to the dog, and ran.
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