A girl putting a bag on the shoulder

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At the popular spot of memorial photograph, many people was in line that day too.
Every time a group finished to take photos, next group stood at the place and made a pose quickly.When taking a photo, all of them removed their bag and put it at the unseeable place.Bags seemed to be cumbersome.
The turn of a girl who took photos with poses she changed few times seemed to finish.She hoisted her bag by grabbing its shoulder strap.
I wondered that her appearance was the moment of returning to the real world.
Until now, she was facing to the camera at the nice view spot while making the best smile and the cutest pose.It was the directed world like a scene of a cinema.In other words, that is a virtual world and bag doesn’t exist in it.So, everybody might make it unseeable.
However, she got back to the real world.Her bag should have important stuffs.This was appearance of human beings alive.You might go and back between the real world and the virtual world through taking photograph of you.
Putting the bag on her shoulder, she ran.The bag swinged largely according to her moving.
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