A portrait of a woman standing at the seashore 1

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When a september comes, a slightly cool wind blows at a beach as the sun enters into west sky, and sands under feet get moderate temperature after a heat withdrawn. At the such seashore which made us be aware of coming of a fall unconsiously, a lady wearing a white dress and a photographer with professional camera got closer to it.
After they talked for minutes, white dress lady entered to the sea up to the depth of her ankle and walked few steps.
The photographer put out a reflection board, moved it to illuminate her, and made the camera to direct to her.Every time she changed a pose, many photos seemed to be taken while adjusting the position of the camera.
When she walked on the sea shore and took distance few steps, she looked back by being called out.
I wondered why portraits of female standing on the water front have been drawn so much.Maybe, it might be because that reflections of light by a water surface is very beautigful.Yes, a shining made by waters from background of a female portrait looks as if they wear the light.So,pictures, photographs, movies have depicted females as a landscape of water front.

She was making many poses yet to the photographer.Sometimes holding a hat, and sometimes sitting on the beach.
There was the water surface gave off reddish lights from the background of her.

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