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Around the time the sun came to the western sky and sunlight got reddish, people walking on the beach was getting increased.Some were walking along the water, some were walking with a dog.
At the far place, girls was jumping in many times on the sand.
One, two, three!
They jumped at the same time, bent their legs and spreaded arms in the air.Their hairs swam by the momentum of the jump.A little second later, girls landed on the sand.
As they finished to jump, a girl ran to her bag and look at her smartphone directed to them.Again, they got back to the same place, made a timing.
One, two, three!
This time, they jumped by respective timing and showed misshapen appearance.Laughing at each other by opening mouth wide was seeable.Making a timing carefully,they finally jumped out to the sky.
The view of a girl who extended arms wide let me feel of the open-minded atmosphere.she did what she wants to do by the way how she wants to do.Her appearance might have given the impression that she was living at that moment.

They seemed to have gotten tired by jumping in many times.They sat down on the beach, and began to talk while looking at the sea.

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