A prank of a wind

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A strong wind blows at a beach because airs move from a sea to a land in daytime.It was sunny at the day, winds blew to the specific direction on the beach.
A group consisted of same number of boys and girls came to the beach.Putting off shoes and socks, they ran to the field of sand.Several minutes later,bringing out a beachball and arranging in a shape of circle, they began to pass the ball like volley ball.But,it didn’t go well.When a windward person batted the ball, it flew towards leeward rapidly.Opposed to that, the ball which was tossed up by a leeward person pushed back and didn’t go forward so much.
However, the circumstance that a ball didn’t fly to where they aimed at made a unexpected happenings and added the another fun to their playing.
One time, a ball hit by a boy flew to a girl but it was too fast to receive.When the ball passed to him, he tossed it higher by hitting lightly.Air above their heads appeared to have different streams, the ball didn’t fall down.She chased it by turning her body, but her stretched arm didn’t a little reach to the ball.
She ran to catch the ball which was blown away to the far place.
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