Goodbye, holiday

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The western sky already was dyed with red.
The sunlight which arrived at the beach got weak, shadows appeared around there.A darkness would come over the beach in a hour.The lightness at there came to the limitation to take photographs.In that circumstance, there were two girls going to take a photo.They put their shin on the sand, opposedly their upper body bent forward thoroughly, and faces were directed to the camera.
For a while, they kept the posture and freezed.Suddenly began to move with laughing.Taking photos seemed to finish.
A girl looking at the camera by bending her upper body raised it.She glanced at far place by turning subtly her head to left while inclining her body backward by putting the shin on the sand.She might have looked at a clock standing near the beach.
For several minutes, she was seeing the far place.But, it didn’t look that she stared something.It could be the moment getting ahold of herself.
After the day finished, the another week would come.She might have felt the sense which is similar to sadness we conceive when a holiday ends up.The last release of shutter should be a signal of that.
Goodbye,holiday.See you next week.
She stood up slowly, folded a sheet spread on the beach and put it in her bag.
In the western sky,the sun whose lightness got weak as dark as can see with naked eyes was about to collide to the horizon.
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