An attraction of hat

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That shopping mall had plenty of apparel brand store, many people came to there for shopping.At that mall I passed by many people who put a shopping bag on a shoulder.The whole of the mall was covered with pleasurable atmosphere.
A girl putting shopping bags on both arms was about to pass by me.She weared a beret, and was walking while talking with her friend.Her appearance with a beret looked cute by being combined with her clothing.
What is an attraction of hat?
It might add soft impressions by covering a head with curved surfaces.There are little person who wears a hat, so girls wearing a hat catche my eyes.Because a hat shows a head slightly larger, it makes us feel girls to be cute by showing their faces small.
I guess human-beings have put on various stuffs since prehistory.For example, it’s a helmet for battle or an accessory for ritual.There must have been a person who improved such items and came up with attractive fashion.Thanks to the unknown innovator in ancient era, we are able to dress up in this era.

She walked towards the exit of th shopping mall.Timing to her steps, the beret was waving up and down.

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