Rear catching

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Even autumn came,a beach was warm and comfortable yet, however, there were only few people.It meant that people were able to use the beach wider, they could do everything they wanted.
A talking couple sitting on the beach stood up and took baseball gloves.Both of them walked to the respective place where was distanced few meters to each other.He threw a ball straight to her, she caught it.
FFor several minutes they played catchball. Suddenly, he threw the ball high.Looking at the ball, she ran to the place where the ball would come down.Turning her body, putting her hand on the back, she moved to where the ball would come.But, it touched her glove , fell down to the sand by bounced back.
She directed to him with a regrettable countenance on the face.He seemed to explain how to perform rear catch with a ball and a glove by bending his body.Once she threw the ball high, it went into the glove on his back as he turned.Looking at that, she applauded and smiled.
He threw the ball high again.Although she chased it and turned her body largely, the momentum of the turn made her stumble.Both of them laughed loud.
After that, she tried to do rear catch in many times by turning the body.Every time she revolved, her long hair streamed in the air as if it flew, and reflected sunlight brightly.
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